Dietary Restrictions

One of the things that makes the Delta what it is is its cuisine.  What much of the US calls “Soul Food” is simply “food” in the Delta. As Sarah Ban Breathnac has said,“Soul food is our personal passport to the past.  It is much more about heritage than it is about hominy.” Tasting the flavors of the Delta is one of the ways you will learn about its heritage and we hope that you will enjoy the food as much as we do.  All that being said, most Deltans don’t understand vegetarianism, let alone veganism.  Vegetables often have meat cooked with them, and it is often pork.  Many foods (like chicken, fish, ravioli, pickles, grits) are deep fried.  They all taste great.  The DSU cafeteria does include vegetarian (not vegan) options for all meals, but eating only on campus means you will miss out on one of the most interesting aspects of the Delta- our food.