Delta State is quickly establishing itself as the academic center for the blues.  In fact, one of Delta State’s newest programs of study is the Blues Studies minor, which launched Fall 2015, and plans are in the works for an interdisciplinary major in the blues. In addition, our International Delta Blues Project brings visiting scholars, lecturers, and artists to the Delta to teach about the blues.

The blues is a separate genre of music that has influenced many other styles of music and continues to be a prominent African American musical tradition. Delta State is the home of the first multidisciplinary approach to the study of the blues, which will not only include in-depth study of the musical form, but also provide a scholarly lens to examine its influence on art, literature, music history, and economic development.

Starting in Summer 2016, Delta State will begin a new online Blues Studies curriculum: the International Blues Scholars Program.  The online program will offer certificates for advanced study of Blues music, with plans to expand the program in the future.

Joining President LaForge are three people who have been at the center of planning and implementing an exciting new Blues curriculum program: Rolando Herts, director of the Delta Center for Culture and Learning which hosts the annual Blues conference on campus; Tim Colbert, a member of the Delta State faculty who is helping to lead this new course of study; and Scott Baretta, who will be teaching one of the courses.