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June 2013

The following lesson plans and personal reflections or projects were produced by participants in the June 2013 NEH Landmarks workshop entitled “The Most Southern Place on Earth.”

“The Death of Emmett Till” (Catherine Bunker)

“The Journey to Find My Sense of Place: A Sketchbook and Journal Assignment” (Anne Marie Bailey)

“Why the Delta Matters/The Site and Situation of the Mississippi Delta” (Melissa Blair)

A “Most Southern” Journal (Mike Boyer)

“Where We Are in Place and Time” (Melanie Bray)

“Delta Soundtrack” (Mark Brown)

“Running a Student Registration Drive” (Thelma Bryant)

“The Diffusing Blues” (Pat Clancy)

“Delta Poems” (Melanie Cochems and Jill Nysse) Poems from Most Southern

“Birthplace of the Blues” (Patricia Cochran)

“Catfish in my Bathtub Blues” (Scott Cvelbar and Dan Hawthorne)

“A Delta Ramble (Part 3)” (Craig “Bowie” Davis)

“Where are you from?, A Change is Gonna’ Come, and Death of Innocence” (Winifred Dick)

“Invisible Man” (Anna Gilgoff)

“Compare and Contrast: Los Angeles and the Delta” (Kevin Glynn)

Grigsby, Tamara

“Mock Interviews and Writing Assignment on the Emmett Till Case” (Toby Harms)

“Muses on the Power of the Mississippi” (Marcia Kegel)

“Delta Collage” (Missaha Larabee and Stacy Scott)

“The Most Southern Place on Earth Slideshow” (Steve Larson)

“Obstructions to Voting: the Impact of Jim Crow on African-American Suffrage” (Tommy Manning)

“Jim Crow and Civil Rights” (Dave Marshall)

“Signs of the Delta” (Randy McKee)

“A Delta Collage” (Amanda Osborne)

“Mississippi Delta Flood of 1927″ (Walter Perkins III)

“Delta Blues Lesson Plan” (Michelle Petersen)

“QR Code Gallery Walk” (Lee Pruett)

“The Most Southern Blues” (Scott Rich)

“Civil Rights Era Photo Project” (Bryan Roby)

“History Through Literature: The Civil Rights Era” (Leslie Sharbel)

“A Week of the Blues” (Tim Shaw)

“Perseverance (Fannie Lou Hamer)” (TIffany Shulz)

Standen, Sara

“Pecha Kucha: Great Migration Edition” (Greg Stock)

“Journey Through Song” (Tom Tacke)

“Sharecropping in the Mississippi Delta and Guadalupe, California” (Allison Trant)

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