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June 2014

The following lesson plans and personal reflections or projects were produced by participants in the June 2014 NEH Landmarks workshop entitled “The Most Southern Place on Earth.”

Making Sense of the Most Southern Place on Earth, Dan Rhodes

Understanding the Great Migration, Tara Ann Carter

Elementary School Blues That You Can Use!, Dale Pohl Joe Deffner

Mississippi article, Jane Phillips

NEH Stories of Migration, Janet Morford

Most Southern Place on Earth-   Delta, Ariana Dumpis

Mocking Bird, Jane Phillips

The MS Delta,, Charles Grossman

Civil Rights Infographic, Lesley Thompson

A Sensory Experience of Chicago, Bridget Wilmot

Saints and Sinners, Julia Brotherton

“The Most Southern Place on Earth Lesson Plan” (Dieatra Davis)

“The Most Southern Place on Earth Reflection Paper” (David Strausberg)

The Most Southern place on Earth Lesson Plan” (Gretchen Anderson)

“Ancient Cypress at Sky Lake Mississippi” (Liz Pipkin)

“Sky Lakes Cypress Reflection” (Liz Pipkin)

“Farmer Jack and the Bo’ Weevil Blues” (Alice Faye Duncan)

“Tutwiler Trip Itinerary” (Laura Koritz)

Voices of the Past” (Dan Hoppe)

Mississippi Delta” (Tahirih Pleasant)

Emmett Till Murder Case” (Steve Franks)

Delta Reflections” (Beth Duley)

Emmett Till Reading Lesson Plan” (Jackie Lacy)

Tee Shirt Lesson Plan” (Tara Wooley)

Early 20th Century Changes” (Kelley Graves)

Fish Diagram” (Kelley Graves)

“Frayer Model” (Kelley Graves)

Mississippi Delta” (Noah Lawrence)

Civil Rights” (Jackie Mercer)

Delta Reflections” (Alice Davidson)

The Great Migration” (Valerie Cichy)

Delta Blues” (Rachel Halper)

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