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June 2009

June Workshop:

The Emmett Till Case as the Catalyst to the Civil Rights Movement by Fred Aldrich, Janna Barger, Mary Brady, Ira Kirkpatrick with appendix.

Introduction to The Blues by Mickey McGuire

Historic Human Rights Violations—Research Paper by Lucinda Kayse-Barrett, Carol King, Sue Lampros, and Maury Neville with appendix.

African American Migration Experience by Susan Lampros

Research Paper Project—Civil Rights by Lucinda Kayes-Barrett

Movement as a Sense of Place – A Trip Down the Mississippi by Greg Cielec, Ellen Tate, Natalie Lartigue, Diane Kent with a separate plan about Flood Control by Ellen Tate, including appendix 1 and appendix 2.

Diffusion/Osmosis using Koolickles by Natalie Lartigue

Equal Protection of the Laws by Julie Hayden, Elaine Pozin, Kim Duhs, Peggy Blanchard with appendix 1 and appendix 2.     

The Flood by Lisa Lacefield, Mike Recker, Kathleen Harsy, and Jeff Moore

Immigrants in the Mississippi Delta by Mary Brady, Jana Barger, Ira Kirkpatrick, Fred Aldrich

The Emmett Till Case by Fred Aldrich, Janna Barger, Mary Brady, Ira Kirkpatrick

Work Songs in American Sharecropper Mississippi by Susan Collopy, Linda Q. Green, Stephanie Jones, Chris Carr

The Great Migration by Cheryl Parisi, Beatrice Quatroke and Samantha Cooper

The Great Migration plan #2 by Samantha Cooper, Cheryl Parisi, Beatrice Quatroke

20th Century Natural Disasters in the US by Maury Neville, Sue Lampros, Carol King, and Lucinda Kayse-Barrett

Civil Rights Movement:  Ordinary People Can Change the World by Jane Shipman, Marc Murdock, Mike Sifter

Place as Text by Mike Murdock

Racism by Jane Shipman, Marc Murdock, Mike Sifter

The 1927 Flood by Christopher Lee, Steve Labenz, Howie Perlow, Garrett Brown

Conflicts in the Delta by Dr. Michelle B. Ivy

Music as Anthropomorphism of Life by John Monahan

Broad-Based Interdisciplinary Unit Curriculum Map by Chris Carr

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