Meeting Places

Our Meeting Spaces

We will meet in room 129 Gibson-Gunn Hall.  Please bring comfortable walking shoes.  We will also be out in the field, so if you are allergic to mosquitoes, bugs, etc., you might want to bring some repellant.  Please be prepared.

We will treat the bus as our classroom too.  The bus is a coach bus, with CD and DVD capability.  We will either be talking, discussing, or watching films and listening to music appropriate to our discussion whenever we move across the Delta by bus.  Please treat our bus rides as you would classroom time.  Please do not fall asleep, talk on your cell phone or listen to your iPod!

Attire is casual; please dress comfortably for the workshop.  The average temperature in June/July is 88/92 degrees with an average rainfall of 4 inches.  Of course the temperature can go higher (as of this writing on June 22, the next ten days will be at 99 or 100 degrees every day!), and the humidity is always high.  The Gibson-Gunn building is air conditioned and can sometimes be chilly, so you might consider bringing a sweater, light jacket, or wear layers.  Please wear your name badge with the name side displayed during class sessions.

Although our days tend to be long, we do not expect strenuous exercise.  Most walks will be brief and there are NO hills in the Delta.