Stipend and Financial Issues

NEH Summer Scholars will each receive a stipend of $1200 if they participate in every day of the workshop. The amount will be reduced appropriately for any missed days (this is required by NEH). The stipend will be sent to Scholars after the end of the workshop.

The stipend is intended to help defray expenses for travel, housing, meals, books, and incidentals. It may or may not cover all of your costs.

The funds will probably not cover all expenses of participation. Costs can be reduced substantially if participants carpool from major airports in Memphis or Jackson. Enterprise rentals has an office in Cleveland, making drop off easy. Stores like Kroger’s and Wal-Mart, and many restaurants are within walking distance of most major hotels in Cleveland, but you might want to check with the hotel when making reservations.

On-campus housing is also an option, but our dormitories are somewhat Spartan (but cheap). Click here for further information about dorm rooms. On-campus dining is also an option. We use Aramark as the food service, and meals are cheap, abundant, and tasty. We also have an on-campus coffee shop, a Chick-Fil-a, and a burger/pizza place, all located in the Student Union

Costs can be reduced even more with roommates.

Now for the bad news: your stipend is taxable income. Of course your expenses may be business expenses since they are incurred in support of your better teaching, but that’s something you need to discuss with your tax preparer. Save your receipts and keep a journal or log!