Summer Scholar Agreement

Please print this document, sign it, and include it with your application materials.


As an NEH Summer Scholar in The Most Southern Place on Earth:  Music, Culture and History in the Mississippi Delta’s National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks in American History and Culture Workshop for 2019, I agree to the following:

1)      I will complete readings assigned prior to the workshop.

2)      I will attend all scheduled programs.  Should any circumstances arise that prohibit my attendance, I will notify a staff member immediately.

3)      I will stay with the group on any walking tours, field trips, and outside activities.

4)      I will not inconvenience the group by being late and understand that should I do so, I may be left behind.

5)      I will be fully engaged in activities and discussions and will not be distracted by my cell phone, iPod, text messages or other devices unrelated to the workshop while we are in session.

6)      I will ensure that the workshop is a safe place for open discussion and treat everyone respectfully.  I will not blog or make publicly available information about workshop activities, participants or staff without their express approval.

7)  I have read the NEH “Principles of Civility” and I agree to abide by them.

8) I will abide by changes to the program or instructions made by the program staff.

9) I will develop lesson plans or other projects and finish them by the end of the workshop.

NEH regulations require that all lectures, field trips, and outside activities are open ONLY to participants in the program.  No visitors, family members, or other individuals are allowed to participate in any day or evening program activities.  Any participant violating this rule may be immediately dismissed from the program.

10) I will comply with the above “participants only” policy.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read and consent to the above terms.