NEH "Most Southern Place" June Workshop: Day 6


The June session of the Delta Center’s “Most Southern Place on Earth” workshop concluded this Saturday. Dr. John Strait, a professor of geography at Sam Houston State University, delivered the final lecture. He discussed the diffusion of Delta culture throughout America, focusing on how Southern events, ideas, and people shaped national music, religion, and politics. The group then reflected on their experience first by viewing photos and videos from the week, and later by creating their own mojo, an activity that originated in the folk magic of the Hoodoo spiritual tradition. Participants chose symbolic ingredients, such as flowers from the Chinese Cemetery and water from the Mississippi River, and wrapped their selections in black cloth. The mojo acts as both a personal souvenir and an educational tool. After several participants shared creative pieces, the group presented the Delta Center with a commemorative brick at the Civil Rights Museum and prepared to say goodbye to “the most Southern place on earth.”
In the video below, workshop participants reflect on the week and how it has impacted them.

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