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July 2010

The following lesson plans and personal reflections or projects were produced by participants in the July 2010 NEH Landmarks workshop entitled “The Most Southern Place on Earth.”

Emmett Till by Michelle Miles

Civil Rights Movement by Nancy Mazgajewski and Roberta Gilston with powerpoint and web resources

Murder of Emmett Till by Andrew Witte

Sharecropping by Gale Carter with homework sheet 1 and 2

The Freedom Riders in Mississippi by Megan Lehman

When the Levee Breaks by Jeff Moss

How should Fannie Lou Hamer be remembered? by Maura Donnelly

AP English and American Government Joint Unit on Civil Rights and the Poetry of Langston Hughes by Cynthia Webb

Migration by Herb West

Reviewing the Case: Deliberating on the Emmett Till Case By Erin Bronstein

The Great Migration by Eric Katz

 Cries for Help: Popular Visions of Lynching and Their Impact by Charles Montague

Highway 61 and the Blues by Carole LaBonte’

Connecting the Path: Blues Musicians of the Delta by Hope Grover

Geography of the Mississippi Delta by Chris Vicknair

Comparing Human Actions on the Mississippi and Nile Rivers by Amanda Armstrong with PowerPoint

Flowing Water by Bridget Kracik

Facebook Justice Network by Kathy Bounds

Race and Poverty in America by Joe Martin

Gospel/Blues Music in Literature: The Mix of Religion and Life by Audra Rys

 Multi-Genre Research Project by Michelle Best

Lessons for  Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Jolie Augustine

Comparative Analysis Between Indigenous and Delta Oral Traditions Through 49 Songs and the Blues by Eric Tippeconnic

LaLee’s Kin and Civic Engagement by Jayne Fought-Schlemmer

Immigration Oral Histories (Using Chinese Immigrants to Greenville, MS as an example) by Megan McCabe

Origins of the Blues by Kathy Pauls


Documenting Immigration through oral histories by Steven Seltz

Blues Poems by Maria Noffsinger with a reading list

Emmett Till by Xosé Manuel Alvariño

The “Math” of the Blues by Josh Gilgoff

Fannie Lou Hamer by Jeff Rosen and Suzanne Schernwetter, page 1,2,3,4,5,6,7

The Great Migration by Jeff Rosen and Suzanne Schernwetter, page 1,23, 45

The Death of Emmett Till by Michelle Edwards, with questionssong lyricsinformation on lynching and questions

A Difficult Lesson:  Perpetrators, Bystanders & Victims Stereotypes by Kurt Peterson

Examining the fairness of trial by jury through the Emmett Till Case by Samuel McGraw

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