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June 2012

The following lesson plans and personal reflections or projects were produced by participants in the NEH Landmarks workshop in June 2012 entitled “The Most Southern Place on Earth.”

Push and Pull Factors in the Great Migration by Cory Williams

True Blues lesson plans by Genein Letford, Markette Pierce, and Kim Norment

Immigration at the Crossroads by Krista Fiabane

Blues:  Music that Speaks the Truth by Steve Lawrence and Joe Wooding

Civil Rights by Jan Schmidgall

Blues Musicians by Sharman Galezewski

Silver Rights: Using Personal Testimony to Create Poetry by Carol Hearron

Reflections by Dave Adams

The Tragedy of Hamlet by Kathy Trump, Jeanne Pellegrino, and Mark Getz

The Murder of Emmett Till by John Peterson

Civil Rights, Music and the Constitution by Brad Faulhaber

“The biggest town in the Mississippi Delta”:  Reconnecting the Delta and Chicago via the Blues by Greg Simmons

Puppet show using “One Shoes Blues” by Sandra Boynton starring B. B. King by Teresa Honecker

Playing the Blues and Delta Blues Musicians by Victor de Diego

Fannie Lou Hamer: Sharecropper Turned Civil Rights Leader by Craig A. Windt

“The Most Southern Place on Earth: Music, Culture, and History in the Mississippi Delta” by Lynne Schneider by Marianne Forman

Projected Changes for U.S. History Classes by Russ Irving

MississippiDelta–‐Performance Art by Sherri Gray

Music History Project by Bailey Pettit

Creative Writing by Jeffrey Potter

A Comparative Analysis o School Desegregation and Its Impact by Tamara Rhone

Journal by Eric Berge

Google Earth Tours of the Delta by Kelly Hill Scanlon

Thoughts by Michael Ellery, plus The Great Migration and Civil Rights

5th Grade Delta Blues Discovery Unit by Rachelle Moyer Francis

Reflections by Jennifer Stone

African American Gospel Services by Diana Brown

What did it mean to be a Southerner during this time period: the voices, the places, the events, the music?
 by Dr. Penny B. Ferguson

Emmett Till by Cassie Cox

Music, Theatre and American History/social studies/Geography, Grade 5: Folk Stories, Folk ballads, work songs and how they relate to Human Rights by Mary MacQueen

Strange Fruit: What America Bares Through Lyric and Image (6th-8th 20th Century American History) by Heidi Imhof

Blues Songs by Regina Stuck

The Most Southern Place…Response by Tacy Bigelow

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